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Skeletons Room

The Skeleton Room
Photo: Rachel Siegel
The Skeleton Haunt was a display haunt showing a speared skeleton, with another one trying to help him to stand up. The floor was black dirt and had skulls and bone in it.

The background (which you can almost make out here) had paintings of skeletons similarly speared in 3-D perspective in the moonlight. It was light by a double-blue lens pin spot fixture for that moonlight effect. The camera flash has completely ruined that, of course.

This is one of those rooms I really should have taken photos of before I chicken-wired and walled it in. It

The POTC Model
The Fate of the Mutineers Model
This room was done for the Wyandotte Jaycees 2000 Haunted House. It was inspired by the MPC Pirates of the Caribbean model Fate of the Mutineers (seen at left). I suspect that this series of MPC POTC models have had more to do with my fascination with skeletons and haunted houses than any other single thing.

When I was a kid, I thought these were the neatest models on the market, but I could only afford a few of them. The two I wanted most (but never got...when I was a kid, that is) were Fate of the Mutineers and Dead Man's Raft. I have since purchased them both off eBay. I'd show you pics of them, but I never actually built (or in one case, rebuilt) them. They were expensive before the movie came out...I don't even want to guess what they cost now. But this is my  homage to those models (and the Prince of Persia video game where the hero got speared by falling into pits).