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I first started working on haunted house room art and designs in 1978. The HEDZ Poetry Haunt
The Author in the Incredibly Bizarre Poetry Haunt
I was a kid, so I was not allowed to do a whole lot, but I had some artistic ability, so they let me paint a mural for the Star Wars Cantina haunt in the Carleton Jaycees Haunted House. I painted the Cantina Band on a piece of foam core that could be mounted to the wall in the tiny room where the haunt was located. I loved that painting. I had contributed. I actually kept it for years after that, stowing it in the attic of my parent's garage. Eventually they threw it out when I wasn't looking. I wish I had a photo of it to share here, but it never occurred to me that my parents would throw out such a priceless piece of art. (Although I am sure I am remembering it as being much better than it actually was.)

Since then, I have designed many, many haunts. I don't have usable photos for most of them; it didn't occur to me to start putting web pages together about my rooms until 1995 when I desperately wanted to preserve my glow maze (the Amazeing) for posterity. So many of my old designs are lost. Many of them weren't that original, so it's probably just as well. Below you will find a selection of my haunted house room designs. To view the room, just click on the box or the text below it.

Mark's Haunted House Room Pages

The Amazeing Room
The Amazeing (1995)
Poetry Haunt
The Poetry Haunt (2000)
Skeleton Room
Skeletons (2000)
String Monster Haunt
String Monster Haunt (2003)

Undead Pirates Haunt
Undead Pirates Haunt (2005)
Spider Room
Spider Haunt (2006)
Skeleton Tree Atrium
Skeleton Tree Atrium (2007)
Skeleton Garden
Skeleton Garden (2013)