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The HEDZ Poetry Haunt

The HEDZ Poetry Haunt
The HEDZ Poetry Haunt - I-Scream, Clem Fazima & Shaw Blade are visible here.
I have commented elsewhere on the ability of haunt worker to destroy props. I still like to get my props into haunted houses, however, and this sometimes leads me to try creative, if weird, ideas.

This led to the Poetry Haunt. We had a failed "shower room" in a haunted house in 2000 which was located inside of what was once a small bathroom. The room was flooded because the ceiling leaked. So I decided to convert the room into something to showcase the HEDZ.

This had to be done fairly quickle, so it had to be simple. I procured a couple of small, interesting props from Meijer's, some books and a few old props and HEDZ and created this room.

I built the floor up to get around he flooding problem and snatched an old fake stained glass window prop that my friend Randy Robertson had made for a previous house. (It is the grey and blue thing that appears behind me to the right in the photos).

Poetry Haunt Offering
Offering Clem Fazima to the Audience
The concept of this room was that people would arrive in front of a large open window and I would grab one of the heads off the shelf (seen in the photos) offer it to the people and read a short, grisly, yet humorous, poem explaining the fate of the person whose head I was holding. Then I'd turn out the light. It was a weird idea but it worked for some people. I had all the poems were stapled to the wall in front of me so I could just read them. (My memory isn't good enough to memorize all that.)

The costume here was pretty simple. It was a black robe and hooded cloak, cinched around my waist with a piece of white rope. I played around with the make-up a bit. These photos happen to have been a brown and white make-up day. I believe I also had a large skull pendant of some sort on. (I sort of look like a monk, although that wasn't my intent.) I think somewhere in the back of my mind was the narrator role seen in so many horror movie shows.