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I Scream

I Scream Prop Small Photo
I-Scream was the second prop I made. He was originally designed to be used in a specific haunt in the Huron Township Jaycees haunted house in 1992 (It was called 'The Dinner Haunt...just try not to think about that one for too long). I developed a whole script for this room that involved one of those cheesy battery-powered beating hearts, a rat prop named Ptolemy, I Scream and culminating in a chainsaw. It was great fun to remove the ice-cream scoop from the back of the head and offer it to people. Sometimes I would put a gummy worm in it and eat it in front of them.

The first version of this prop was made before I had learned that gooey, sugar-based make-up was a bad choice for something that had to last longer than a night. While the effect of this sort of make-up was really quite good, it rather unfortunately melted during the off-season causing him to actually begin to mold! (I had the same problem with the first prop I made: Face Off.) Since the prop was quite useful, I stripped all the goo off of him and remade it using non-molding liquid latex and tissue paper.

Sadly, I-Scream didn't make the cut when I decided to start producing props for the Hallowe'en market. I didn't think the prop was that unique or interesting, especially when compared to something lie Grey's Container. Besides, I would have had to figure out how to get ice cream scoops and platters for cheap had I decided to mass produce him. So he wound up being used in various haunted houses (because he could be a really effective prop.) In retrospect, he might have been a good prop to have made, if only because of his usefulness in haunted house situations.

I-Scream as seen from the side. The ice cream scoop had grey material molded into it for use in the Haunted House. Another shot of the prop from the front. You really get a nice view of that dangling eye, eh?

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