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Creeops Prop Small Photo

Creeops is supposed to be a mummy who was poorly embalmed. His name was is a word play on the real king Cheops, who was famous for having a large, mysterious pyramid. (And that's all the factual info you're going to get here. If you want to know more, try wikipedia.)

Creeops was one of the HEDZ designed for a Haunted House room built in the 1994 Wyandotte, Michigan Jaycess Haunted house. Unfortunately no photos were taken of that room - to my everlasting chagrin. (I liked the room.) It was designed like a 15' or so long corridor in a museum with 6 pedestals, 3 on each side. A large, half-body prop was featured at the end of the room on a special platform. Spot lights shown on each head. There were also humorous descriptions of each head. Of course, those have been lost as well. Ah, well. The scare was that one of the pedestals was hinged so someone could hide behind it. They were wearing a mask I had designed to look like the HEDZ.

Creeops was one of the props that had to be modified when I switched from making custom props for haunted houses to attempting to make moldable products. (For detail on this, check out the Company Info page link at the top of this page.) Unfortunately, he lost some of his effectiveness as a horror prop in the transition. As you can see in the first four pictures (front - right side - right angle - left angle) prop, the original prop had a lot of recessed areas in the nose, mouth and around the visible eye. These all had to be filled in to make it mold friendly. (Boring, Mold Friendly Creeops).

Nevertheless, he has always been one of my favorite props, so much so that I created a ceramic version of him and a sort of carryall version. (You can select 'Creeops' from the list of HEDZ Containers at right to read more on that one. Unfortunately, three isn't a page for the carryall yet.)

Doesn't it look cool in black and white? (front view - right angle)

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