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Creeops Container

Creeops Container Small Photo

Because I liked the prop so much, Creeops got three shots at the big time. I made him into a HEDZ polyfoam prop, a ceramic container and a carryall. He was the only prop to be honored in more than one medium.

The ceramic HEDZ were kind of a fluke. While looking for a company to mold my props from polyurethane foam, I called up a company from the phone book because their entry said they made molds. After talking to the owner for a bit, I found out he didn't create the kind of mold I needed for making polyurethane foam props, he created ceramic molds. Nevertheless, he invited me to bring the heads down and he'd see what he could do. It wasn't what I was looking for, but I figured, why not? One thing led to another and Ed, my mold-making friend, suggested turning the HEDZ into dishes. I liked this idea so we tried it.

One drawback to the ceramic casting process was that it pretty well destroyed the original molded piece during the creation of the positive rubber mold. Once the rubber mold was finished, however, it could be used to make as many plaster plaster molds as you wanted. (These are used to create the ceramic pieces.) Each plaster mold was good for about 100 pieces, meaning the loss of the original piece could live on pretty much forever. So I made a second Creeops prop in order to be destroyed. Fortunately, making a second one was pretty easy for me. I was quite impressed by how well the molding process picked up the fabric pattern of the bandages.

When I decided to dissolve the company, I took the rubber molds (which are used to create plaster molds for casting ceramics) for Creeops, Grey's and the Card Holder and sold them to a professional mold-making company. So if you happen to see them around in a ceramics shop, you now know where they were designed...

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