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Grey's Container

Grey's Container Small Photo

Grey's Container was so named because I actually used a copy of Gray's Anatomy to create the musculature on the face. (I changed it to "Grey's" so as to not make it too obvious. It didn't work very well, now, did it? Alas.) Grey's started out to be a prop (Grey's Head) before the idea to take these things public had taken ahold of me. When it did, I was about mid-way through this prop. I really liked the way the sculpt was coming out, so I chose it to be one of the commercial HEDZ.

Grey's was one of two existing props that were fully converted into a ceramic container. The other was Creeops. (I do not count Bugged and Caveman in this list because neither of them became finished ceramic containers - they were only partially completed.) I decided to convert him into a container because the detailing was really nice in the front and I hadn't completed putting all the muscles and other details on the back and top of the head yet. Some re-sculpting was required to get the edge correct for the dish in the back. but it was pretty minor compared to the work required to up-convert some of the other HEDZ.

The process of making the rubber positive mold required for casting plaster ceramic molds was a destructive one, so one of the things I had to deal with in deciding to use Grey's as a ceramic piece was the loss of the original prop. I don't know why this matters, but it always seemed to. With the Creeops prop head, it was easy for me to make a second, complete prop and just let it be destroyed. Grey's had a lot of time and detail in him, however, and there wasn't time to create a second one just for the casting process. So I lost him in the process. Howerver, the mold came out exceptionally well and we were able to make as many copies as we wanted in ceramic. In fact this was the first prop we started playing around with. My co-conspirator Randy eventually wound up painting one of them in dark blues and greens to excellent effect.

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