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Fish Face

Fish Face Prop Small Photo

Fish Face is the only prop to have three different configurations. (One of which I never had the foresight capture in photos.) In fairness, he should have two names, but of all his different looks, I liked thought the Fish Face was the most interesting. (Besides, I honestly don't know what to call the third version that you see in the photostrip below. (FF v. 3.0 Front - FF v. 3.0 Right - FF v. 3.0 Left - FF v. 3.0 Left Angled)

He was originally designed to be something that had been fished out of a body of water. I must confess I did almost no actual research in making this prop, but rather sort of imagined what a guy stuck in the water would look like. Thus the plants. Actually, based on my (very) limited fishing experience, it would not be unreasonable to draw something covered in such dreck up from the bottom. If I remember correctly (and I may not - it's been a long time) he was included in the museum haunt in the 1993 Wyandotte, Michigan Jaycees haunted house. After that event, he sort of sat around.

In 1995, while scouring the collection for salable products, Fish Face surfaced (hah!) once again. He was kind of hopeless as a commercial product as made. The plants and hair would add too much expense to the product for most buyers. So I made the difficult decision to resculpt him (massively) into version 2.0. While I don't have any photos of this, it basically looked like the third version, except the non-rotted side of the head was painted gold. (Like he was dipped in gold. See? We could have called him Goldy then.) While it got the point across, my friend Randy and I agreed he was not that interesting, and so probably not very saleable. So we repainted him again, producing the third edition. This was also not convincing to me, so he got left out of the commercial products. In fact, if you look closely at the third version of the prop, you'll notice a drip down the 'whole' side as well as the wet hair look. Neither of these things made much sense once the gold-dipping effect was gone. I did like the shiny white teeth effect on the rotted side, though. Very effective.

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